Our Story

Bienvenidos to our story…. Born through serendipity and with the goal to offer conscious clothing that makes you feel good. We are passion forward with an unwavering commitment to scour the world and its diverse cultures in search of innovative brands that embody in the culture and traditions native to their designers and artisans.

This story began right before the world changed for everyone. My husband and I had chanced upon $300 plane tickets to Paris. My husband was not a fan of Paris, I had only visited it through the eyes of Channel, Monet and Hemingway. I was sure that if these greats could see the beauty and inspiration in the City of Light I could too and prove my husband wrong, an added bonus. 

While we did the stereotypical ugly American tourist things like the Louvre and Versailles we also had the good fortune to meet a petite, Madagascan expat tour guide named Mickael. We realized that Mickael was not your typical flag waving tour guide as we met him outside the picture windows of Librairie Galignani.  He was sporting a weathered mariner cap and  a lush full length velvet overcoat. But under all that lay something more interesting. A slight hint of something I was not expecting – the distinct black and white Chanel Herringbone pattern. A Chanel sweater but without the trademark interlocking C buttons. Some would have assumed this was a fast fashion knock off but the way it lay and moved underneath his coat screamed of quality. I was instantly intrigued, but my Midwestern small town upbringing wouldn’t allow me to ask such a forwardly impolite question at the start of an acquaintance

Over the course of the next 4 hours, my husband, Mickael and I wondered through the centuries old alleys and boulevards of Paris. Admiring through the smudge free windows of couture fashion houses and perusing the minimalist industrial spaces of emerging designers, artisans and dreamers.

 As we sat resting our tired feet outside a small café in the Marais – fortified by a strong espresso and even stronger Martini I asked the questions that had been trying to politely formulate all afternoon. 

Tell me the story of your Chanel sweater…

We Believe

What we wear should tell a story and that story has multiple chapters and authors. (See above for the first chapter of our story. Come back soon for the next chapter. And come back often to help create shared verses, sonnets and memories) 

What we wear should have the same life cycle as a rose: - unique value and joy can be had throughout its life cycle from its initial bloom in your garden to the memory and unique texture of a stray pedal tucked into creases of a love letter. None of which would have been appreciated if they had been cut too early or thrown away at the first sign of wear.

There are finite resource on our land and in our oceans. -Our clothes should not be fast fashion but should grow and change with us.

That similar to the fabric and textures in our products diversity and being interconnected is the key to our strength and longevity as a species and a planet.